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I just love it!

An approachable problem solver, brimming with ideas with over 20 years experience in brand building!


As a brand consultant and designer I take how you look and feel as a business very seriously. Every element matters.

Clients can be won and lost, attracted or distracted purely on the basis of your brand identity;

it’s a subtle art but one which I specialise in because it’s so very important.


Having a great story is wasted if you don’t know how to tell it.

It’s important to communicate with your customers in a way which will resonate with them and convey the values of your brand.

This is done through your tone of voice and messaging.

Helping to define the way your consumers think about your goods or services; this involves consistency of brand identity,

themes and colours - through to focused advertising and marketing campaigns from online and digital to printed solutions,

it's design with marketing in mind.

All this, as well as how your business to business partnerships are formed I analyse & help

provide solutions with marketing expertise to help you successfully sell your products & services.


Do take a look around my site. See what I do and who I've done it with.

And, if I catch your eye, give me a nudge.


It's what's on the inside that counts

Creativity, originality, ideas and concepts aren't based on time, they're based on talent.

This means that creative work can't be priced by the normal method of estimating time and charging an hourly rate - inspiration isn't like that.

Creative work is fee based - in other words I charge a fixed price and the creative process takes as long as is necessary to reach the required result.

The quotes given are always itemised, giving detail to how and what will be required.

Works carried out can be design right through to undertaking print where required. Full project management also available.

Low quality images, sketches and text will be used to visualise the design concept in the initial draft stages - but when it comes to final artwork 'reproduction' quality photographs, illustrations and copywriting may well have to be commissioned where stock photos are not available. 

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